Official Selection and Closing Night Feature Film of the Gasparilla Film Festival

The Silent Majority At Rockers In Recovery Music Festival , Nov 2

Rockers In Recovery Music, Film Festival. November 2, 2013

Longing for a sober Rock Concert and movies the Family can see?

Rockers in Rockery has it all. 11am-11pm

November 2, 2013 at CB Smith Park 900 N Flamingo Road, Pembroke Pines, Florida, 33028, (20 Minutes From Fort Lauderdale Airport).


Festival Film Section hosted by Reach Out Recovery


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Featured Films on November 2 include

The Silent Majority and The Secret World of Recovery

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New Documentary Reveals What Teens Really Need To Grow Up Healthy and Safe

Ever wonder why some teens stay drug and alcohol free? “The Silent Majority” gives some surprising answers to what teens really want to help them make good choices about drugs and alcohol. At no time in history have young people faced more challenges to their health and wellbeing, yet the majority of teens are making good choices. The Silent Majority highlights teens and college students impacted by four unique programs that empower them do the right thing and change their lives forever. Drug Free Youth, shows how one city built a community center and a program to inspire their young people with rewards for being drug and alcohol free that benefit the whole community. Teen Court and Camp X-RYD show a diversion program for first offenders in which teens learn from each other, and inmates in jail, what happens when they break the law. The Watch Your BAC program in two Tampa universities tackles binge drinking as students learn how to monitor their Blood Alcohol Concentration, what really happens in a DUI stop, and how reflexes are impacted by alcohol. At Road Recovery in New York, teens in recovery play in a band mentored by rock stars, and learn that musical expression and team work can make all the difference in helping them stay clean.

“The Silent Majority” was first screened at the Joint Meeting of Adolescent Treatment Effectiveness in Washington, D. C. on April 10,2012. It had its World Premiere at the Gasparilla International Film Festival. March 24, 2013 where it was selected as the closing night Feature Film. WEDU PBS Broadcasts scheduled for National Recovery Month and National Prevention Month 2013.

New York Premiere Reel Recovery Film Festival September 27


Reel Recovery Film Festival New York

September 27th at 7PM

Quad Cinema
34 West 13th Street
New York, NY 10011
Come see us in New York at the Reel Recovery Film Festival where The Silent Majority will be screened for the first time for our hometown Audience. The movie features home town favorite recovery organization, Road Recovery with Gene Bowen and Jack Bookbinder, and the Type Two band and Road Recovery team. 
“All teenagers, their parents and teachers need to wake up and watch The Silent Majority.  Judges, Prosecutors, Public Defenders, Sheriffs, Police Chiefs, Medical Examiners have been ahead of the teen addiction story on so many tragic levels for years. With this documentary, the public can finally see solution.” FELIX VEGA prosecutor, Legal Analyst
“We are so amazed by the quality and content of ‘Silent Majority’…it effectively presented Road Recovery in a very comprehensive manner. With genuine care and sensitivity for the teens we service, [the Glasses earned] the trust of our organization that has never allowed such access with cameras rolling. We watched the documentary with pure amazement and gratitude!” -Gene Bowen & Jack Bookbinder, Co-founders Road Recovery. 45 minutes